Welcome to Hanahala. It’s good to meet you!

    Situated under a canopy of century old pecan
    trees, Hanachla is a breathtaking, green oasis,
    where truly only wonderful things happen. Our
    experienced, professional and talented team
    are dedicated to making magic happen every
    single occassion.
    So what are you waiting for? Give us a call,
    and come and pay us a visit.

    We’ve already thought of every detail.
    You just have to say yes.

    Catering by “Aleh Dafna”

    These talented people have for many
    years been part of the Hanahala family.

    Sagi and Avi, two gifted chefs, bring their
    creativity and expertise to always
    producing a culinary feast.
    Every evening we bring from our kitchen,
    to your table, an abundance of high
    quality, carefully chosen dishes to
    complete your special day.


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    Our bar

    did somebody mention exceptional alcohol ?

    The importance of a good bar,
    and bar tenders, doesn’t have to be
    explained- right ?



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    גן אירועים לקיץ - בר הנחלה

    Our bar

    Did somebody mention exceptional
    alcohol? The importance of a good bar,
    and bar tenders, doesn’t have to be
    explained- right?
    For more details

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    גן אירועים לקיץ - בר הנחלה מובייל

    Our Couples

    Adi & Tom

    As soon as we set foot in Hanahala, we knew we had found our venue. And now we feel part of the Hanahala family, and their incredible, professional team. Friends asked us afterwards if we were happy it was all over- the pressure of
    the wedding, But actually it’s quite the opposite -we’d love to go through it again and again

    .Because when you make the right choice it works

    We never felt a moment of stress everything was taken care of. It’s been two
    months now since our wedding and we are still getting compliments on the gorgeous venue, food and service. Our guests couldn’t stop eating! Hanahala and Aleh Dafna made all our dreams come true. All we have to say is in life
    sometimes you can choose family, and we made
    the best choice ever.

    Einat & Ran

     We’re so excited to tell you about our dream wedding only three weeks ago. From the
    moment of our first meeting at Hanahala, we
    were thrilled and immediately knew this was the
    place for our wedding. It’s magical atmosphere
    is like being in an enchanted forest. Just perfect!
    We were given so many compliments from our
    guests about everything from the beautiful
    setting to the incredible food and service. It was
    Warmly and highly recommended.

    Oshrat & Or

    Hanahala: The venue for the wedding .

    The most beautiful place imaginable.

    Racheli & Ellad

    The evening was just perfection, and could never have been anything but in the hands of the generous, professional and good people of Hanahala. The high quality service exceeded our expectations, so thank you amazing Hanahala team for your support and patience, always given with a smile.
    Mor, you’re a star! Thank you for your attention to detail, your professionalism, kindness and willingness to resolve any issues along the way. Yoav, thanks for your support and your ability to understand our every need.
    On, our event manager, you made everything run smoothly, in the nicest possible way. Sweet Shlomit, thank you for your care and attention, and for making it such fun.
    Thank you- you’re amazing!

    Everything you need to know about us:

    We have a business license
    We are open from May to the end of
    Our maximum capacity is 650 guests.

    We have a Kashrut license 

    We offer our stunning venue, including
    catering and bar. Or you can rent the
    Hanahala venue, and provide your own
    catering and bar (with our help of

    For a map click here

    ?How do you get to us
    Waze “Hanahala Beit Oved”

    Social Responsibility

    .Because we are here to do good
    Next to Hanahala, our workshop center
    for adults with special needs operates
    every day of the year. At Beit Shikmim
    the students work on numerous tasks
    and are an integral part of preparing for
    events. We recently initiated, and were
    part of establishing ‘Hostel’: a permanent
    home for our students in Nes Ziona. We
    are proud to be able to give our young
    adults the opportunity to grow and work
    in a supportive environment, that gives
    .them a feeling of belonging

    How does this relate to you? You are
    invited to buy ‘giveaway gifts’ for your
    guests: succulents and shelled pecan
    nuts that have been grown with love in
    .Beit Shikmim